Angel-A-Wishes is a charity sponsored by The Secret Ingredient that donates to local charities and families in need in our local areas.

Blessing Bracelet

Made with Sterling Silver and Swarovski Pearls or Semi-Precious Gemstones. The “Blessing” message is attached to the Individual bracelets.

Call your local store to order or call Carol at 866-966-0990 to order and ship.

Types to choose from:

  • Black Onyx w/ Rhinestone $30.00
  • Platinum Pearl w/ Silver $25.00
  • Silver Pearl w/ Silver $25.00
  • White Pearl w/ Silver $25.00
  • Bronze Pearl w/ Silver $25.00
  • White Pearl w/silver $25.00
  • Graphite Pearl w/ silver $25.00
  • Ivory Pearl w/silver $25.00
  • Pink Pearl w/ silver $25.00


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