THE SECRET INGREDIENT – “35th Anniversary” – $3500 in SCHOLARSHIPS will be given away!


$3500 in SCHOLARSHIPS will be given away!


THE SECRET INGREDIENT – “35th Anniversary”

The Secret Ingredient, Inc. was started in 1979 by Jeanne Rush when she discovered a need for contemporary and updated fashions and accessories in Richmond, Indiana. There have been many changes over the years. Presently we have four stores located in Richmond and Indianapolis, Indiana; Dayton, Ohio and Ave Marie, Florida. With all four stores, Jeanne stays busy still buying for each of them and catering to her loyal customers, some of which have been with her for 35 years.

Our Mission: The Secret Ingredient is service with a smile and style.

Special Guest/Judge – Richard Hallmarq
Emmy Nominated TV Series “Project Runway”, Season 11.


  1. Eligibility Requirements – you must be a Wayne County Junior or Senior High School student for the 2014- 2015 school year.
  1. This application is due by July 4, 2014.       (TIME WAS EXTENDED)

AIR (Art Inspired Runway) is a scholarship contest sponsored by The Secret Ingredient. This fashion boutique has been in Richmond for over 34 years – always striving to bring the newest and most fashionable styles from the runway to Richmond.

We are celebrating our 35th Anniversary and we want to uncover all of the talent in the Wayne County High Schools. So we are asking all Junior and Senior student to consider unleashing their fashion ideas on a runway wearable and saleable fashion piece that has been inspired by any popular art piece. The Richmond Art Museum will be working with us on this project that will be unveiled on September 11, 2014.

Your fashion piece must be completed and ready for initial review by August 1, 2014. Only a select few pieces will make it through the initial review, so make sure you put your best foot forward!

We realize that all students may not have access to a sewing machine, so you will be allowed to use staples, glue guns or any other creative means to construct the outfit. You are the only one that can be involved in the actual design and creative work. A budget of $100.00 will be the allowance for all materials used in design. Receipts need to be kept and handed in on August 1, 2014 when you bring your piece for review. At that time you will be reimbursed for all your materials up to $100.00. You must have your own selected model to show outfit on for preliminary viewing.

If your outfit makes it to the final Art Inspired Runway event on September 11, 2014 at McGuire Hall then you could take home a scholarship money prize. 1st prize $2,000, 2ndprize $1000.00 and 3rd prize $500.00. That evening we will have artist and fashion designers that will judge the finalist in front of an audience.

If you are chosen as one of the designers to be a part of Art Inspired Runway then you will have your design modeled by your model. Her hair and make-up will be professionally done before the event. You will be given the opportunity to accessorize your design with any accessories from The Secret Ingredient Accessory Collection. All jewelry, leg wear, handbags and shoes will be provided.

All accessories will be returned to The Secret Ingredient after the show. Your design will be yours after it is a part of an event at The Richmond Art Museum. It will be on display with the copy of your famous art piece for the public to view.

We are excited to see what creative ideas can come out of this young designer event.

Look forward to you being a part of AIR. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions



His rich heritage goes beyond the Golden State of California, son of Panamanian/American parents; Richard Hallmarq’s creativity was nurtured early on, wanting to be a professional singer and dancer.

Hallmarq also shared a fascination for fashion.   Hallmarq learned to sew in junior high school and reached new levels as a high school fashion design student, creating cutting edge styles for fellow students, friends and family.

Hallmarq’s official foray into fashion design began with a simple Post-It note someone left anonymously on his car at a theater parking lot in summer of 2003.  The note bore a famous quote from Thomas Edison: “Many of life’s failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” This was the quote that would change his life forever.  From his first runway show in 2004, to presenting well received collections at San Francisco Fashion Week, Hallmarq has achieved acclaim for his designs as well as tapping into his passion for art and music.

Since obtaining a degree in Fashion Design in 2009, Hallmarq has found success by creating remarkable inroads in fashion, particularly his connections to other celebrities in other art forms (musicians, writers & models) .  This exposure has been a key influence in shaping the garments he produces today.

Hallmarq was a cast member on the emmy nominated TV series “Project Runway” Season 11.

With strict attention to fit and detail, Hallmarq takes his preferred textile Jersey- knit from simplicity to luxury.   Hallmarq is the ready-to-wear Jersey boy with a clientele that reaches the woman of business to the world of celebrities.   Hallmarq’s dresses can transform you from the office, to dinner or to a red carpet event  – wherever your fashion imagination takes you!

Richard’s Fall 2014 Collection will be available at The Secret Ingredient and part of our Runway Show on September 11, 2014.